Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Using towelroot to get root on nexus 5

Towelroot is awesome, let me tell you why

I wanted to create a few videos for my latest Costa Rica Live Wallpaper App. To make a video of a running app you have two options:

  • adb
  • screencast app

You can use adb to create a video of your device. It will be limited to 3 minutes and you need to have your device connected to your computer.

$>adb.exe shell screenrecord --verbose /sdcard/video.mp4

Using an android screen capture app 

Another option is to use a tool like ScreenCast Video Recorder. The app is easy to use. But the free version is limited to 30 second videos.
android screen capture
scr is ready to take a
screen capture video

SCR Free is another android screencapture app. It is free and has no limitations. The only thing you need to be is root! The app is quite easy to use. After you opened it, you will see the small app with three buttons. You can drag this little app everywhere on your screen. To create a video tap the orange button.
To stop the recording, you need to turn of your screen and wait 2 seconds.

Getting root without reboot in less then a minte

Using towelroot, you can quickly get root for your device. No reboot needed. This is really awesome. You can download towelroot here. Install the .apk file and open it. You will see a screen like this:

root without reboot
towelroot is ready
Do this on your own risk!
To root your device, click on the button "make it rain". Wait a few seconds, and if you are lucky, you are root now:

android rooted
towelroot is finished