Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Free Bitcoin Charts App

bitcoin charts android
Bitcoin Buddy

Bitcoin Buddy is a new free Bitcoin App for Android

Using this app you are able to monitor bitcoin prices in almost every currency and on almost all available markets.
  • View Markets Statistics
  • View Latest Trades Statistics
  • 27 Currencies & 74 Markets available
  • Get notification if bitcoin prices changes
  • Pinch & Zoom diagrams

Although I have put a lot of work into this app, I cannot guarantee the correctness of the data. Please keep in mind that bitcoin prices may change very quickly.


On these Views you can follow the latest Trades and Markets statistics.
You can select your currency and market at the bottom of the diagram.
The data is at least 15 minutes old.

android bitcoin app
Bitcoin Trades Charts
bitcoin charts app
Bitcoin Markets Charts

Monitor Markets

You can configure this app to notify you whenever the bitcoin prices are changing.
Click on the upper right preferences-Button.
In the preferences you can select as many bitcoin markets as you want. The app will check these markets every 20 minutes.
bitcoin buddy
Monitor bitcoin prices

bitcoin buddy android
Bitcoin Buddy Notification

The Bitcoin Buddy Icon

android bitcoin buddy
The Bitcoin Buddy Logo

The App Icon is a mix of the bitcoin icon and the android icon.
The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

All Bitcoin statistics data is provided by the awesome API.

This App contains ads

If you don't like these ads, you can buy the premium addon. Open the App Menu, choose the Contact Tab and click on Buy premium.
If you have any problems with this app, feel free to contact me.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Android graphview Library and Proguard

android graphview

If you are using GraphView inside your Android apps, make sure to exclude it from being obfuscated by your proguard config.
I recently changed my app Battery Temperature Guard. I do not use AndroidPlot anymore as a diagram. Instead I use Graphview. Its a cool library to quickly build scaleable and scrollable diagrams.

Everything worked great, but after I released my apps I noticed that scaling by pinch & zoom did not work anymore.
Logcat showed the logs below. By adding this simple line to my proguard.cfg I managed to exclude the graphview classes and packages from being obfuscated by proguard.

-keep class com.jjoe64.graphview.** { *; }

01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.Choreographer$
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.Choreographer.doCallbacks(
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.Choreographer.doFrame(
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.Choreographer$
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.os.Looper.loop(
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at$
01-03 18:16:17.015    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ java.lang.NullPointerException: null receiver
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at com.jjoe64.graphview.a.b.a(SourceFile:91)
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at com.jjoe64.graphview.c.onTouchEvent(SourceFile:199)
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.View.dispatchTouchEvent(
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.ViewGroup.dispatchTransformedTouchEvent(
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.view.ViewGroup.dispatchTouchEvent(
01-03 18:16:17.025    7626-7626/? W/System.err﹕ at android.v