Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Battery Temperature and how it affects the Battery Life

Temperature effects on Lithium-based batteries

smartphone battery explodes
The worst case:
An overheated and exploded lithium-based battery
While working on my latest app "Battery Temperature Guard" I learned a lot of new stuff about smartphones, batteries and of course Lithium-Based Batteries. These are the kinds of batteries used in most modern smartphones, notebooks and mp3-players.
A lithium-based Battery is quite a cool thing, cause it can recharge very fast and doesn't have the common memory effect known from old batteries.
This article is quite interesting to learn more about lithium-based batteries and how you can increase your battery life.

To keep your battery healthy follow their instructions:

A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. Elevated temperature and high currents also affect cycle life.
Elevated temperature hastens capacity loss. The capacity cannot be restored. Not all Li-ion systems behave the same. 

Battery temperature and battery health

As you can clearly see in this listing, the battery capacity is constantly influenced by the battery temperature. If your battery is always above a level of 40°C your battery will loss its capacity quickly and will have limited capacity after a few month. In this example it is 65% less! That is more then a half!
battery health temperature

How to keep the battery healthy 

There are a few tricks to do this.
battery temperature guard
Keep in mind: A cool battery is a healthy battery!

  • Try not to use your smartphone in direct sun. If possible go to a area covered by a shadow. This will dramatically decrease the smartphones temperature
  • Don't put your smartphone on a table in the plain sun. Cover it with something!
  • Get the free app Battery Temperature Guard which will notify you when your battery reaches a critical limit. So you can quickly react and let your smartphone cool down. Click here how to use Battery Temperature Guard.
  • Don't forget. Battery Temperature Guard might also reduce the risk of exploding batteries :)

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 3 exploded last night...

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Overheated

I just read a story about a guy on reddit who complains that the battery of his Samsung Galaxy S 3 overheated and exploded! Wow! This happens really rarely. Check out the story here.
overheated samsung galaxy s3
An exploded Samsung Galaxy S 3

I wonder if my app Battery Temperature Guard could have saved his device? Would a faulty battery tell the app the correct temperature values? Who knows, but I am quite sure it could have saved his Samsung Galaxy S3. I mentioned the app in another more detailed posting about how it could help your battery live long.

Here are some of the pictures of his broken smartphone. You can clearly see the exploded battery and in the other picture is all burned stuff packed.

exploded smartphone battery
The exploded battery

overheated samsung galaxy s3
All packed together
overheated battery
Protect your battery before it overheats!