Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Chefville Android App

Welcome Chefville Fans!

I created a small and simple but yet powerful Chefville android app for android!
The App is called Chefville Tools and can be downloaded from the play store for free!

chefville android tools

I will quickly explain the current main features to you!

The automatic Newsreader

The Chefville Newsreader will notify you about all Chefville News published on the Chefville Facebook Page. 

With this cool feature you will never miss any Chefville news anymore! 

If you click on a Newsitem, it will open a Window with more information and a direct link.

The Chefville Timer 

It is very comon that you repeating task wich you are going to to use daily. 
If you want to be a more efficient chef, you can define your own timers and start them as you start the task inside the Chefville game.

The app will notify you, when the task is finished, even if the app is closed or your device is restarted.

But don't worry, this won't drain your battery!

Upcoming Features

I am currently developing more features for Chefville Tools. Like sharing your recipes or finding friends. If you have some coole ideas, let me know!

Get your copy of Chefville Tools now for free!

Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Using an old android device as a super cool online webcam

Hey guys.

I recently bought a new Nexus 4 and didn't really know what to do with my old Android phone. It's an  Samsung Galaxy S1. Although it doesn't get any more updates from Samsung its a quite cool device.

After flashing a new Cyanogenmod and running the latest Android 4.1 I had no real use for this device.

I found a real cool (and free) Android app called MobileWebCam. You can get it here:

The interface is not perfect, but after playing a little bit around, I quickly found out how I can use this app as a webcam which drops the images right into my dropbox folder! There are a few more options, you can also use it as an offline cam which stores the images on your sdcard.

Check out this video:

Here are some of my thoughts I wanted you to share.
- Configure the app to run as a background service, cause if it always shows the camera picture, the device will get quite hot. My device was around 50 degrees ;)
- Make sure to go to developer settings and check "keep active", so the display won't shut down.

I am currently using this cool app to monitor the growth of my chili plants ;) Here is a small animation of just a few hours:

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Android Farmville App

I created a small utility app for Farmville!

farmville 2 android tools

Currently the app has two main features.

The Farmville newsreader

android farmville app
The automatic Newsreader will notify you about News, Events and more from the official Farmville Facebook Feed. It is basically just an RSS Reader, but will update itself in the background and sends a notification to you phone when it detects news.

You can also try manually update the News, but the app will do all by itself!

Farmville Newsreader Settings:

android farmville tools

If you press the small preferences icon on the upper right of the Newsreader Fragment, a Settings Fragment will popup.
Here you can activate and customize the automatic Newsreader.

The Farmville Timer

android farmville timer
The Timer Fragment is a fully customizable Timer. By pressing the plus-Button on the upper right, you can add and define as many timers as you like.

Clicking on the preferences Button will open a Timer Settings Screen similar to the Newsreader Settings.

If you start a task inside farmville, just open the app and start the timer.
Of course this timer does not interface with the game directly, but it will remind you when your task are finished.

farmville tools notification
On the left you can see, what a Timer notification will look like.

Enjoy this small farmville app! If you like it, I would appreciate if you rate it. If you are missing a feature, let me know!