Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

Where is my app?

where is my app Hey guys.

I always had the problem finding the apps I was looking for on my android device. While searching I kept swiping right and left through all my app icons but somehow I overseen the apps I was looking for.

Then I had an Idea:

Can I search my installed apps by name?

After researching a little bit, I did not find any cool app for this feature, so I started to create it on my own. Developing the "search app by name"- feature, I added a few other cool features, like sorting apps by usage.

And now I present to the first release of: "Where is my app?" :)
search android app by name
Filtering all installed apps by name
The two main features of this app are:
  • Search and filter all installed apps by name
  • Sort apps by usage. That means, if you start apps with "Where is my app?" they will be grouped on top of all apps, so you can start your regular apps quicker.
  • If you do a long click on the app icons, you can quickly view app informations or even deinstall an app with just a quick click :)
  • Cool fancy animations
 You can read more about the features of "Where is my app?" on the official "Where is my app blog"

where is my app
You can deinstall apps with just a single click

This app is free for everybody! It has a small adbanner on the bottom, but if you like you can get the pro version of where is my app without ad.

Sonntag, 29. September 2013

New Blog for Temperature Guard

battery temperature guard blog
A screenshot of the new blog theme

Temperature Guard Posts and news will now move to the new Battery Temperature Guard Blog.

The new blog will feature a cool design and a better user interface for mobile devices. It will also feature more information about battery temperature, monitoring and securing your phone. So stay tuned.

Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Android App Temperature Guard now features Fahrenheit and Celsius Support

android temperatur warning
Temperature Guard Pro
available at the play store
Get Temperature Guard free
at the play store
Temperature Guard Version 1.3 has just been released in google play Store and Amazon App Store.

You can use Temperature Guard to monitor your android devices temperature. The newest version features some small ui improvements and the possibility to change your desired temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Get Temperature Guard free
at amazon app store
To change the temperature scale, click on the preferenes button on the upper right of the app. In the Preferences you can tap on Temperature Scale Celsius to choose another temperature scale. To Download the free app from amazon app store, follow this link: Temperature Guard at the amazon play store.

android temperature scale
Choose your desired temperature scale

Temperature Guard Pro

If you like this app you can buy the pro Version of Temperature Guard for a buck. The pro version does only differ from the free by not loading any ad banners. So if you don't like ads or would like to support a developer, get the pro version at google play or amazon app store.
Buy Temperature Guard Pro
 at amazon app store

Buy Temperature Guard Pro
at google play store

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Android Temperatur überwachen

android temperature warning
This app will notify you with a warning
if your device gets too hot
Das letzte Update für meine App "Akku Temperature Guard" hat einige Bugs entfernt. Mittlerweile läuft die App auf nahezu allen Android Geräten stabil.

Willst auch du eine kostenlose app zur Überwachung der Temperatur deines Smartphones? Dann lade dir die kostenlose Akku Temperature Guard im Play Store herunter.

In diesem Artikel habe ich noch ein paar Fakten (auf englisch) zusammengeschrieben um dich davon zu überzeugen wie du mit dieser App die Lebensdauer deines Smartphones verlängern kannst.

Natürlich gibt es die App auch im Amazon App Store. Wenn du also Besitzer eines Kindle Fire oder ähnlichem Gerät bist und nicht den Google Play Store benutzen kannst, dann lad dir die App hier aus dem Amazon App Store. Natürlich kostenlos!
Klicke hier im dir die App kostenlos bei amazon herunterzuladen.

Falls du noch nicht von der app überzeugt bist, schau dir doch hier ein paar Bewertungen an:

android temperature warning app
Herzlichen Dank für solch eine nette Bewertung :)

android temperature warnung
Feier die Bewertung!

android temperatur warnung
Ein weiterer zufriedener Nutzer

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Android App für Fefes Blog

fefes blog newsreader android
Ein kostenloser Newsreader für Fefes Blog
Lange hat es gedauert, aber jetzt ist sie endlich da. Die Android App für Fefes Blog! Als langjähriger Leser von Fefes Blog hatte ich vor seit einiger Zeit die Idee aus ein paar alten Schnipseln Code eine kleine Newsreader App zu basteln.
Jetzt ist sie endlich da und Fefe wird sich über dieses Wunderwerk aus Java und XML bestimmt freuen ;)

Die App ist werbefrei und kostenlos und das bleibt sie auch. Sie besteht aus einem kleinen Newsreader, welcher in definierbaren Abständen Fefes RSS-Feed abruft.
Wenn diese Überprüfung neuen Klatsch in Fefes Blog entdeckt informiert die App euch mittels einer Benachrichtigung. Diese lässt sich im Einstellungsfenster konfigurieren oder deaktivieren.

Fefes Newsreader im Play Store.

Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Temperature Guard free available on amazon app store!

android battery temperature
Android temperature warning 

Android temperature warning

I am happy to announce, that my app "Temperature Guard" is now available for free through the amazon app store. This app will run as a background service and will notify you if your device temperature is getting too high. Of course you can also customize the temperature when you want to get notified, as well as the notification sound etc.

You can also just use this app to monitor your androids device temperature during the day, so you can try to keep the temperature low and keep your battery healthy.

Using this app might even prevent your android battery from exploding. Warning! The previous link contains images not suitable to android lovers.

If you want to know more about this app and how to get it from googles play store, check out this article.

Download Temperature Guard free from amazon app store

To download this app for free from the amazon app store click on the amazon app store screenshot or click on this link to download it.

If you like this app I would appreciate if you rate it and recommend it to your friends. Please don't rate this app down if you encounter any problems, just contact me and I will do my best to fix bugs and make it compatible with your android device.

android temperature warning
Temperature Guard on the amazon app store

Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Battery Temperature Guard Improved

battery temperature guard
Prevent your android from overheating

This app will help to prevent overheating of your android device. So if you have the problem, that your android device is getting too hot, use this app to notify you.

Improved performance and less battery usage!
The latest release of Battery Temperature Guard free and pro now features a new backend which is more stable and uses less battery then ever before!

android device is getting too hot
Dont worry this app is alsoavailable in english!

Bad Reviews on the play store

The first release of this app had a few nasty bugs and I got a lot of bad reviews. I tested the newest version of the app with AppThwack and the app now runs smooth on almost all devices. If you still have problems, please contact me before you rate this app bad. Thanks!

Improved Battery Usage

Check out these Screenshots from my Nexus 4. They show the power usage of all my apps. Battery Temperature Guard is not even visible!
android temperature too high
Battery Temperature Guard does
not drain your battery!
 As a deeper analysis I run WakeLockGuard for more then 13 hours. Basically this apps monitors how often an app wakes up your phone and drains your battery. Battery Temperature Guard does not have any effect on my battery usage. Cool!

battery temperature guard wake lock
Battery Temperature Guard only uses 4 sec in a 13 hour time period

If you don't have any Temperature Guard installed on your android device, download it now from the play store for free. In a few days this app will also be available von amazon app store.

Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Android Battery Temperature too high

Hey guys.
android temperature
I am currently working on an update for my android app "Battery Temperature Guard". If your android device will get too hot, it will notify you, so you can take action and bring it to a place to cool down.

The newest update features an tablet optimized version of the app and of course a few bug fixes. On some old android devices, the app keeps crashing and crashing, but now this shouldn't be a problem anymore :)

Additionally you can increase the healthiness of your battery using this app. To check out why and how, read this article.
Here is a screenshot of the current development version. The update will be published through google play in the next hours.

battery temperature guard
Monitor android device temperature

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Battery Temperature and how it affects the Battery Life

Temperature effects on Lithium-based batteries

smartphone battery explodes
The worst case:
An overheated and exploded lithium-based battery
While working on my latest app "Battery Temperature Guard" I learned a lot of new stuff about smartphones, batteries and of course Lithium-Based Batteries. These are the kinds of batteries used in most modern smartphones, notebooks and mp3-players.
A lithium-based Battery is quite a cool thing, cause it can recharge very fast and doesn't have the common memory effect known from old batteries.
This article is quite interesting to learn more about lithium-based batteries and how you can increase your battery life.

To keep your battery healthy follow their instructions:

A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. Elevated temperature and high currents also affect cycle life.
Elevated temperature hastens capacity loss. The capacity cannot be restored. Not all Li-ion systems behave the same. 

Battery temperature and battery health

As you can clearly see in this listing, the battery capacity is constantly influenced by the battery temperature. If your battery is always above a level of 40°C your battery will loss its capacity quickly and will have limited capacity after a few month. In this example it is 65% less! That is more then a half!
battery health temperature

How to keep the battery healthy 

There are a few tricks to do this.
battery temperature guard
Keep in mind: A cool battery is a healthy battery!

  • Try not to use your smartphone in direct sun. If possible go to a area covered by a shadow. This will dramatically decrease the smartphones temperature
  • Don't put your smartphone on a table in the plain sun. Cover it with something!
  • Get the free app Battery Temperature Guard which will notify you when your battery reaches a critical limit. So you can quickly react and let your smartphone cool down. Click here how to use Battery Temperature Guard.
  • Don't forget. Battery Temperature Guard might also reduce the risk of exploding batteries :)

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 3 exploded last night...

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Overheated

I just read a story about a guy on reddit who complains that the battery of his Samsung Galaxy S 3 overheated and exploded! Wow! This happens really rarely. Check out the story here.
overheated samsung galaxy s3
An exploded Samsung Galaxy S 3

I wonder if my app Battery Temperature Guard could have saved his device? Would a faulty battery tell the app the correct temperature values? Who knows, but I am quite sure it could have saved his Samsung Galaxy S3. I mentioned the app in another more detailed posting about how it could help your battery live long.

Here are some of the pictures of his broken smartphone. You can clearly see the exploded battery and in the other picture is all burned stuff packed.

exploded smartphone battery
The exploded battery

overheated samsung galaxy s3
All packed together
overheated battery
Protect your battery before it overheats!

Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

My Nexus 4 temperature is quite hot

android battery temperature app

Hey guys.
I own a Nexus 4 and i really love it. The only thing that bothers me is that my Nexus 4 is getting quite hot. The "normal" temperature while using it is around 30-40 degrees celsius.
Like this the smartphone feels quite hot!

The bad thing is... it is not yet summer in germany! I am really afraid that it might overheat very fast if it finally gets hot here.
The Last two days were quite sunny and the temperature of my Nexus 4 was rising up to 50 degrees celsius. Wow! I just had to put my device on a table for a few minutes and I could cook eggs on it :) I tought it might explode.

Well that is the reason I created a small free app called "Battery temperature guard". This app monitors your current battery temperature and warns you if it gets to hot. This way you will never ever forget your smartphone frying in the sun ;)

android battery overheats
The app is free, but you can also buy the pro version of "Battery temperature guard" to get rid of the small ads.

How to use this app:

android battery temperature warning
Another cool feature: The temperature
history diagram

  • Download the Battery Temperature Warning app for free from the play store
  • Open the app, click on the upper right preferences button and adjust the warning temperature to your desired temperature. The default value is 40 degrees.
  • Thats it! The app will run in the background and constantly checks the temperature of your smartphones or tablets battery.
  • If the alarm goes off, just close the app you are using or put the device out of the sun somewhere in the shadows ;)


  • But my device automatically shuts down when it reaches 60 degrees?
    • Yeah thats right, but 60 degrees is a very high temperature for a battery and will reduce the lifetime of your battery dramatically. So its better to keep the battery temperature at a lower level and not let it get so high.

Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Finding friends for Tapped out on Android

tapped out tools android

Even whacky day is over, I just published an update with a few bugfixes for Tapped Out Tools. I still play this game a lot even I almost finished building all available buildings and solved all quests.

The latest really cool feature for Tapped Out Tools on Android is the Community feature. With this feature you can quickly find new friends to share eggs and whack snakes :)

If you like this feature, go to the play store and download Tapped out Tools for free!
Drop me a line if you have problems or ideas for new features.

Below you can see two screenshots. The first is the community feature. To copy the name of a user, click the copy icon, select the username and add it inside Tapped Out.
tapped out tools find friendstapped out tools android

Several Apps removed from the play store

app rating

Hey guys.

Recently google has taken down some of my apps from the play store.  They claim that I violated intelectual property of the owners. I find this quite of strange.

I don't use any original graphics in my apps. No original game icons and I always state at the app description and the so called "function image" (the one on top of the play store entry) that the apps are just unofficial fan apps.

The really strange thing is, that there are a lot "competitive" apps out there, that use original graphics as an app Icon and they are still available on the market. Most of these apps also use malicous advertisements, like airpush which will nag you with ad-notifications and ad-icons it will push to your device.

Well it seems, that google doesn't really care. My Candy Crush Tools app is removed. I am sorry that I cannot publish updates and bugfixes for this app. The apps were removed about a week ago and I am writing daily mails to the play store to get the apps published again, but I didn't get any answer yet. Maybe they are just too busy...I don't know.

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Pengle Walkthrough App for Android

pengle walkthrough android
I just released version 1.3 of the famous Pengle Walkthrough app for android.
This update fixes a few small bugs and adds a cool new feature.
It will now try to update the Walkthrough Fragment itself.

This way you will always be notified about the latest Pengle Walkthrough videos.
You can also customize the notification behaviour.
Download Pengle Walkthrough for android for free at the play store.

Jewel Pirates Walkthrough for android

jewel pirates walkthrough androidJewel Pirates seems to be a really cool new Jewel game. Go to facebook to play it for free!
If you are stuck at any level, you can use the free Jewel Pirates Walkthrough app for android.

This app features the latest Jewel Pirates Walkthrough Videos.

To download Jewel Pirates Walkthrough for android, click on this link or the image and download it from the play store.

The app currently features all walkthroughs up to level 58. It will update automatically as soon as new walkthroughs are available.

jewel pirates walkthrough

Jelly Glutton Walkthrough for android *update*

I updates Jelly Glutton Tools for android.

The new Version will now update the Walkthrough Videos itself. This means you will always have the latest Jelly Glutton Videos right when they are released!
To download this app for free, click here to get it from the play store.

jelly glutton android videosjelly glutton android notification

Minecraft Tools for android

minecraft tools android
Hey Minecraft Fans.
I just released another cool game tool app for anroid.

The Minecraft Tools features the Newsreader, which will notify you about the latest Minecraft News and sometimes free giveaways.
If you are new to the game, you should probably check the Video Fragment with a lot of Tutorial Videos. Inside the Wiki Fragment you will find a lot of detailed game information. Like all other apps, this one is for free.
Give it a try and download Minecraft Tools for android from the play store.

minecraft video tutorialsminecraft newsreaderminecraft android wiki

Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Pet Rescue Saga Tools for android 1.8

pet rescue saga tools android
The newest version of Pet Rescue Saga Tools for android features a list of bugfixes and new features.

The app will now update the list of walkthrough Videos for Pet Rescue Saga itself. This way the app will always be up to date with the latest Walkthrough Videos.

Get Pet Rescue Saga Tools for free from the android play store by clicking on this link or on the image.

Candy Planet Tools 1.1 for android

candy planet android walkthrough
Are you stuck at any Candy Planet level? The free android app Candy Planet Walkthrough might help you.
It features the latest Candy Planet News and ALL Walkthrough Videos.

You can download this app for free at the google play store by clicking on this link or on the image. Enjoy!